Paddle Boarding in the Surf – attempt No. 1

I have never Surfed. I have been on a Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Board a handful of times and love being out on the water. I have always enjoyed water sports, and when my partner wanted to SUP in the surf I had the “Why not” attitude.
How hard could it be? You are already standing on the board, so all you need to do is line up the wave and GO!

Needless to say it was a lot harder than I thought.
Tip number 1. Pick a day with small surf and not many people around while you are learning.
Our first day had bigger surf than I was comfortable. I managed, but didn’t get off my knees the whole session. I got practice paddling out through the surf and manoeuvring the board in the surf.
The second day was much smaller surf and I was much more comfortable. I got on my feet and this was important as it felt so wobbly to start, but this quickly improved the more time I spent standing on the board. When paddling out through the surf, if it was bigger than I was comfortable with I would still drop to my knees. The SUP’s are amazing at going over waves tho!
So I felt ready to catch my wave! Here is a photo series of what happened!

Falling off the back.

This happened again and again.  The minute I was lined up with a wave and ready to catch it, I would feel the wave pick me up, then I would run off the back of the board!

I have since discovered this was most likely because I was not sliding one leg back and bending that knee, while keeping weight evenly distributed.  I was tending to lean back which meant I fell off the back!

Will get back out there soon, and update later.

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